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Winter Care for Hearing Instruments

How to look after your Hearing Aids in cold, damp weather

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Added: 11-10-2016
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British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists AGM 2016

The Society's annual general meeting and professional development day takes place on Saturday November 26th 2016 at the Arlington Arts Centre, part of the Mary Hare School for the Deaf, near Newbury, in Berkshire. The AGM and Development Day will take place at the Arlington Arts Centre, which is alongside the Mary Hare School for the Deaf just outside Newbury, in Berkshire. After the AGM business which includes the handover to the Society's new President, Sarah Vokes, there will be a busy day of learning which will include breakout sessions for hearing care assistants, employed HADs and independents, there will be an afternoon of keynote talks. The previous evening the President will be hosting a reception and networking evening at the nearby Donnington Grove Hotel, Newbury.

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Added: 04-10-2016
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Hearing Loss Increases Dementia Progression

In the past it was usually assumed that not doing anything about a hearing loss unmanaged would have a negative impact on quality of life in terms of some social interactions and listening to music and television but that there wouldn't be anything else more complicated to consider. We now know however, thanks to research by Johns Hopkins and Harvard, that unmanaged hearing loss can have far reaching effects on an individual's mental health. It is the relationship between reduced auditory stimuli and patterns of reclusiveness that is causing concern. The Johns Hopkins University study determined that socially isolated individuals are more likely to develop dementia. Out of 639 participants, researchers found that those with hearing loss at the beginning of the study were significantly more likely to develop dementia by the end. The risk of developing dementia over time was believed to increase by as much as fivefold. Lack of cognitive stimuli alongside social withdrawal due to difficulty hearing, were posited as defining characteristics in this profile. Whilst hearing loss may not be the cause of dementia there are certainly signs that, untreated, it can accelerate the rate of progression.

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Added: 29-09-2016
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