Wireless/Bluetooth Possibilities

.... works with mobile phones or other accessories to allow you to get the most out of your hearing.

Firstly, it allows the hearing aids to "talk" to each other (assuming you have two). The benefits are obvious - if conversation is coming from one side and noise from the other, the "voice" side can turn itself up while the "noise" side can turn itself down, thus aiding intelligibility.

Secondly, in most cases you can use your mobile phone to control the aids via an app you install on your phone. You can turn them up, down, change memory, mute, and reset.

Thirdly, if you have an iPhone you can stream music and sound directly to the hearing aids - like bluetooth earphones. If you have a Android phone then you will probably have to use a "streamer" to transmit the sound, but it's still possible. 

Finally, you can use your mobile phone as an external microphone, so if you are in a really difficult listening situation you can use the phone mic to point to the sound source.

The drawback - if you go for small over the ear models (RIC) there's no drawback. For In The Ear models there are a limited number of manufacturers producing these and the inclusion of a wireless or bluetooth module may mean that the instruments are larger than otherwise. If your ear canals are very narrow or awkwardly shaped then it may not be possible to fit the wireless or bluetooth module in an ITE at all. Unfortunately it is often impossible to tell until your impressions reach the laboratories.

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