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...with the new BERNAFON ZERENA models. 

This is a range of mini RITE (Receiver In The Ear) models i.e they sit behind the ear but are 
small and  discreet

There is a price point to suit *every* Client and I can honestly say that everyone who has bought these has been very happy - including myself!

Recently I tried my own Zerenas (Zerena 9) in a busy restaurant setting where I know I would have been lost before - everything would just have been a jumble, and to be honest I was apprehensive.

However, I found that I was able to follow the conversation despite significant background noise. 

The other thing I noticed immediately was that I wondered if I was wearing hearing aids at all - I did not experience the artificial "loudspeaker effect" I have had from other systems. It's a very natural sound. Plus I can control everything from my smartphone - no need to press buttons or carry a remote control.

So...if you are thinking of buying new hearing instruments, you certainly ought to consider the Bernafon Zerena range. As I said there's a wide range to suit every pocket and lifestyle. There is also a rechargeable option which means you don't have to change batteries every few days. 

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