Don't Pay For Old Technology

The very latest Hearing Aids are not cheap - so if you are thinking of making an investment in your hearing health by either purchasing hearing aids for the first time or upgrading your existing system then be sure that you are being offered the LATEST technology.

One of the ways that two large Hearing Aid retailers operate is to "re-brand" old, superceded hearing instruments which manufacturers are still able to produce but are essentially obsolete.

We often encounter enquirers who have been offered what they see as an attractive price on the High Street, but they are not told that the reason for the attractive price is that new models have come along and the retailer having the old models re-badged as their "own-brand".

There is nothing at all illegal about this - but we find that enquirers are not being told that they are being steered towards old technology.

Our view is if our clients are going to be buying hearing aids then we want them to have the latest technology rather than instruments which were "new" 5 years ago.

That's why at Scotia Hearing we only ever offer the LATEST hearing aid ranges.

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